AFM Officers Successfully Complete International Training

Capt. James Vella and Sgt. Christian Mifsud recently successfully completed training programs organized by the Inter-European Air Forces Academy (IEAFA).  The academy is part of U.S. Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) and Air Forces Africa (AFAfrica).  USAFE-AFAfrica is a premier forward-based air force delivering operational excellence.  The mission is to execute the Air Force, USEUCOM, and USAFRICOM missions with forward-based airpower and infrastructure to conduct and enable theater and global operations.  IEAFA is open to officers from NATO and/or Partnership for Peace countries.  This U.S.-funded training contributes to developing future leaders to address regional security issues in the central Mediterranean.

Capt. Vella participated in the Inter-European Squadron Officer School course.  This course prepares officers for increased leadership responsibilities and is their next step in the Professional Military Education (PME) ladder.  The curriculum is developed by the Squadron Officer College under USAF Air University guidelines.  During this course, officers acquire new tools to enhance their leadership skills.  Graduates practice problem-solving, critical thinking, teambuilding and mentoring techniques in order to lead and motivate personnel to accomplish the mission.

Sgt. Mifsud participated in the Inter-European Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Academy course.  The PME course prepares NCOs for more advanced leadership and management responsibilities for those assuming senior NCO leadership positions.  The Barnes Center develops the curriculum, directed at improving leadership skills, for enlisted PME under the USAF Air University guidelines.   Students learn time and stress management, concepts of human behavior, as well as implementation of quality workplace conditions.

Both participants completed the course with distinctions. Capt. Vella was awarded a distinguished graduate certificate for the best in class and also the commandant’s award, while Sgt. Mifsud obtained an honor graduate certificate, which is awarded when more than 95% is obtained as the overall average.

IEAFA officials commended both participants for their performance during the training.  Capt. Vella and Sgt. Mifsud commented enthusiastically about their experience.