Malta-U.S. Alumni Association Celebrates Exchange Programs

On March 26, Mr. Mark Schapiro, Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of the United States of America, welcomed Maltese individuals who have participated in U.S. Government exchange programs throughout the past fifty years.  Among the alumni are government and political leaders, members of the judiciary, members of Parliament, members of the media, educators, scientists, medical doctors, artists, social workers, economists, law enforcement officers, students and youths.

To date, more than 300 Maltese have participated in the International Visitor Leadership Program, the Fulbright Program, the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program, the Salzburg Global Seminar Program, and the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship, among others.

During the reception, Mr. Schapiro encouraged alumni to become active members of the Malta-U.S. Alumni Association (MUSAA), which was established in 2012.  Mr. Schapiro said, “Offer your expertise and experience to the Association to ensure that it becomes the ideal medium to maintain the momentum of exchange programs and to encourage constructive dialogue on ways in which to strengthen the bilateral relationship and improve our communities.”  He thanked the members of the boards for their hard work and enthusiasm in steering the Association through its first years.

MUSAA would like to invite Maltese who have participated in U.S. government exchange programs, and who did not receive the invitation to join the Association, to contact MUSAA ( to provide current contact information and thus ensure that they are involved in the Association’s future activities.