U.S.- Malta Relations

Mediterranean Security

The U.S. Government and the Armed Forces of Malta enjoy an enduring partnership.

In brief remarks during a celebration in March 2016, U.S. Ambassador G. Kathleen Hill saluted the partnership between the U.S. Coast Guard and Armed Forces of Malta in upholding the safety of life at sea, maritime security, and freedom of navigation in the Mediterranean.  She commended the personnel who selflessly respond to distress signals, despite the harrowing maritime conditions which may prevail at the time.  Ambassador Hill said, “Thank you for the service you render – the life of purpose that you’ve embraced, the risks that you’ve accepted, and the sacrifices you will make.  I look forward to enhancing our bilateral friendship and cooperation at all levels.”

Human Rights Protection and Societal Dialogue and Shared Values

Through an enduring dialogue and educational and cultural programs, the U.S. Embassy works with the Maltese authorities and civil society to promote shared values such as individual freedom and human rights.  Besides highlighting issues such as combatting trafficking in persons and promoting religious freedom, the Embassy’s recent programs have focused on matters including the plight of asylum seekers, promoting the integration of migrants in Maltese’ society, women’s rights, and combatting domestic violence.

U.S. Maltese Trade and Investment

The U.S. Embassy offers various services to promote and facilitate U.S. trade in Malta.  Services include business counseling, business partner searches, trade disputes and advocacy, a list of U.S. export assistance centers, tenders, and networking opportunities.  A U.S.-Malta Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) was reached in 2011.