U.S. Citizen Services

U.S. citizens in Malta who wish to inform us of the birth, death or arrest of an American citizen should email the embassy at ACSMalta@state.gov

If you need immediate assistance related to an emergency, or if you have been a victim of serious crime, please call the Embassy at +356 2561 4000 or +1 301 985 8633.

The American Citizen Services Unit assistance includes, but is not limited to: passport services, notary services, and reports of births and deaths abroad. The U.S. Embassy Consular Section also aids in emergencies, including arrests and crisis situations.

If you need assistance with Social Security or other federal benefits, please contact the Federal Benefits Unit in Italy, which covers persons located in Malta. You may also find more information on the Department of State’s website here.

For assistance with taxes, please contact the Inland Revenue Service here. Currently the IRS and Social Security Administration do not have representation in Malta and must be contact through the links above.

Alerts and Messages

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