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Urgent and Emergency Appointments and Applications

Urgent and Emergency Appointments

  • family death or illness
  • emergency medical treatment or provision of support to a family member undergoing such treatment
  • U.S. court summons

Exceptions are made, on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the Consular Officer. To request an emergency appointment, please contact us by phone on (+356) 2561-4000 (on weekends or U.S./Maltese holidays) or e-mail ACSMalta@state.gov.

Only persons directly involved with a service who have scheduled an appointment will be admitted to the U.S. Embassy, with the exception of an interpreter, physical assistant, or minor child who is accompanying their applicant parent/guardian.

If you have had your U.S. passport lost or stolen while in Malta, and are departing Malta within the next 10 days and will need to use your U.S. passport for this travel, you may need to apply for an emergency passport. Please see below for instructions.

Urgent and Emergency Applications

If you 1) have had your U.S. passport lost or stolen while in Malta, 2) are departing Malta within the next 10 days, and 3) will need to use your U.S. passport for this travel, you may apply for an emergency passport. Please see the requirements below.  Information can also be found on the Department of State’s website here. Passport forms are available here.

  1. Complete the DS-64 form (Reporting Your Passport Lost or Stolen).
  2. File a police report in Malta at your nearest police station and keep a copy.
  3. Obtain one current  U.S. sized passport photo (color, 2×2 inches, white background, no glasses). See examples here. Photos cannot be taken at the U.S. Embassy.
  4. Complete the DS -11 form (Application For A U.S. Passport) *do not sign.
  5. Have a confirmed method to pay the application fee at your appointment.
  6. Contact the U.S. Citizens Services Unit at the U.S. Embassy here ACSMalta@state.gov; email subject: Request for an EPDP.
  7. Bring your original documents and a second form of ID to your appointment.

Please note, emergency passports cannot be printed over weekends or on holidays. If you have immediate travel and the U.S. Embassy is closed, we suggest you change your flight so as not to lose your ticket. Emergency passport applicants must have all of the above in order to be processed.

An emergency passport is limited to one year or less and does not have an embedded electronic chip.

CAUTION: Some countries may not accept an emergency passport and you could be refused entry by immigration officials or denied boarding by airline personnel. We strongly recommend that you research the entry and exit requirements of your destination before you travel. Country specific information can be found on the Department of State website.