Why IT Matters

Thirty girls, aged ten to twelve, from three state schools in Malta recently participated in an interactive workshop, “Why IT Matters,” hosted at the U.S. Embassy in collaboration with the Directorate for Quality & Standards in Education and “MissInTech.” MissInTech is an organization made up of young female IT professionals who are on a mission to change perceptions that IT is solely a male domain.

Students enjoyed a morning of activities, with screenings of the documentary “Girls Do Science” and the Microsoft 2014 Super Bowl commercial “Empowering.”  The students then worked in groups to build their own Piper Toolkit, an educational mini-computer, and develop technical skills and approaches that lead to inventive solutions.  The goal of the workshop was to encourage girls to choose STEM subjects at school and purse careers in STEM.

Ambassador G. Kathleen Hill gave remarks highlighting the achievements of American computer scientist and U.S. Navy Admiral Grace Hopper.   She presented Admiral Hopper as a role model for the students and urged them to embrace her legacy.